This is how we do it...

Our team is uniquely trained to meet your needs. We are a bit unconventional you will find. As a team of individuals, we push to be seamless in the service we offer each guest. You may have never experienced anything like this before...we are here for your convenience and to offer you and incredible experience. So what does that mean?  It means that while we know that you have your favorite stylist, we understand that everyone on our team is responsible for your experience.  Please never hesitate to ask to see a specific stylist or for anything that may make your time with us extra fabulous.  


Bang Trim
Event Style
Beard Trim
Blush Blowout
Hair Cut
(no shampoo/style)
Hair Cut and Style
(shampoo, scalp massage and style)

Facial Waxing

Unibrow Separation
Full Face

Chemical Services

Our commitment is to make sure you have the hair that enhances your personal style and beauty. We also want to be conscience of the time you have on the day of your appointment as well as the time you have to commit to maintenance. The best way we can achieve this is with a consultation. We suggest that every guest come in for a 15 minute complimentary consultation. We also understand that your life is busy. If it more convenient, we can also do phone, txt and email consultations. We do not post the prices of our color, smoothing or texture services because we customize each service to each guests personal style, daily needs for styling, time budget and budget. We go over these things both during your  consultaion and the day of your service to ensure we are creating the customized service you need. Our teams offers all color services and techniques from Color Refreshes to beautiful Balayaged highlights to fun and funky Pulp Riot colors. Give us a call, txt or email us to get your complimentary consultation scheduled. 5419288306